...feeling hopeful Amy97 @amy97


Finally starting UV light treatment on Monday after waiting a year, excited! Nervous at the prospect of not seeing the results I hope for but keeping my fingers crossed for clearer skin and a more comfortable way of life 🤞


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Kay @nuggetsmcr

Good Luck 😁

Amy97 @amy97

Thank you!☺️

James @ferns

They’ll start off small, maybe 15 seconds then increase it over time? That’s what they did with me. I noticed it working above my waist before it started below my waist. The nurse said that’s common. Try not to miss any more than two sessions though or they’ll start you back thirty seconds, it’s what they did with me. The treatment I had took place over three months and they said it could lasts anywhere between two months and four years so fingers crossed you get four years (you can do it again if you need to, it’s not a one shot deal).

Amy97 @amy97

Thanks james appreciate that , does the itching go down while the psoriasis does?

Rosey @sue2023

My opinion its a waste of time, sorry

Jenny777 @jenny777778

I finished my treatment 2 months ago and sadly it is already starting to come back..hope it works longer for you 😊

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Amy97 @amy97

21, have had psoriasis for over eleven years

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