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Just noticed today that p has come back all over my arms, what the? I can't handle another outbreak, goes to show tabs suppressed it for like 3 months, but checked all over just arms, but it's rampant


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Rosey @sue2023

So no way going forward to another drug, this one made me sick 4 days out if 7,but cleared me, I don't get it, yep undue stress but not my stress but guess I take it on board, I know no cure but thought yayyy no p anymore but it lies to u, awaiting for it to rear again, in not talking one spot, I know its demise lol, so pissed off its not funny

Michelle @michelle1021

I'm sorry to hear Rosey. Some of the drugs aren't good for us and the thing is we will try everything just to get rid of the P. It's not that easy and as soon as we see it's returning, the more we stress and the more we stress, the more P we get. We can't win but all we can do is try. I'm still using my tar cream. As you know, i've been using it for many many years, and apart from strong steroids (which I haven't used in centuries) the tar has done a great job for me. It's still helping the P not getting out of hand and I still try to not focus on my P the whole time. My ankles are looking good but it's getting winter now so I expect a few extra spots. I'll be called "spotty"when I walk down the isle lol. Poor John ;)
I do hope your arms gets better. I got 3 spots from when I returned from Dublin. Normally they go quick but they are still there. Not getting bigger or anything. Just sitting there...waiting...don't know for what, but I know that I have been eating crap a lot so my body is recovering now. I'm drinking my turmeric as well and my joint pain has been gone for 2 weeks, so I'm happy.
Hang in there Rosey, just don't panic about the P, get something for the itch and flakes and you'll be okay.
Have you noticed that when you don't itch and not flaking, the P gets better? to me it means that my body doesn't have that much inflammation in it which is why I drink my turmeric and eat my anti inflammatory foods. But again, we are not all the same.
Keep well Rosey and keep us posted about your P. Tell us when you try something new. :)

Rosey @sue2023

Your an amazing person, thank god for you and John and Clint and James, you saved me 100 percent, got me through the crap at work, the pain of psrioasis, and stuff, love u all

lillianm @lillianm

Every time I try a new drug or remedy my p gets better for a week or two so I feel relieved but suddenly it pops up again and I get depressed😔I'm trying now just to keep it under control with steroids and avoid the spreading.. I known it's a tuff battle ✌️

Rosey @sue2023
Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.

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