What's hot right now.

Mary - I don't always understand what the translator wants to tell me,ahah
Rosie - Mary - after the salt bath you could just chop a lemon in half and rub the lemon on the affected ... More »
Mary - Okay,thank you all!!
Rosie - I read somewhere about putting your face in warm water and using a wet compress to get rid of red... More »
lillianm - Thanks rosie I have used cold water and It worked well👍😊
Rosie - I know exactly how you feel Mary. When P hurts all I can do is lay in my bed and sleep. Warm bath... More »
Mary - Thank you:)for me now there is no greater happiness than to hear that I am not alone😭
Rosie - You’re welcome :) I’m really happy to help. It’s the little things. Feel free to message me anyti... More »
Brenda/joy - Cry in private if you have to but don't let the idiots know that they are getting to you that mak... More »
Michelle - Of Course G. We are all human! and that's what makes us so damn special. Nobody likes to be criti... More »
Rosie - Thank you Clint. I hope you are having a wonderful summer as well. Apparently here in the UK ther... More »
Heather - Thanks Clint, hope your summer is fun as well
Mary - Hello👋🏻
Kim - Depending on your age, 4-5 hours sleep is not good. If you are lifting weights you should be gett... More »
Tobin - I’m not saying I get that much sleep every night , just saying that if for some reason I only get... More »
Michelle - You know Tobin, I don't get much sleep either. I wake up twice during the evening and struggle to... More »
mia williams - i wanna to know are their really is true love because in order to have love i through you never s... More »
Rosie - Hi Peter, it’s usually my arms and legs that sometimes goes. When I used the Uv light my back was... More »
Tobin - Yes I am completely clear as long as I stick to a certain diet
Rosie - Hi Tobin, I was thinking about changing my diet to a vegetarian diet to see if that would help
Lorraine - What were u given to clear it up as I only have minimal but still enough to annoy the living hell... More »
Linda Kay - I got my first full blown Psoriasis outbreak in 2013 when my mother was sick and died. I was her ... More »
Ax - Skin typically goes dry, flaky than usual ,higher amount of stress
janet - stress as soon as something is a bit challenging the patches go dark red
Claire - Oh also got arthritic psoriasis so im well and truly fed up.
erick - Do you eat a lot of tomatoes potatoes and peppers? That includes pasta and pizza with red sauce, ... More »
Nicole - do you mean cortison? which drug? I am different to you but coping with atopic eczeme and multi... More »
Ingrid - No...but it does if u use cannabis
Anneke - try msg17 its a pill it will clear it all up or get on a steroid ik its bad for you but what else... More »
Shawzki - I'm vegan so, no milk, but I have tried gluten free and it didn't really make a difference. I hav... More »
Pooja - Hi Cantata, I took around 20 sessions of uv but ni success...trying ayurveda now..seems it is wo... More »
BILL - worked very good for me got my own booth just in the winter I'm always cold cause your skin is al... More »

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