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G - No im the only one in my family who has it but god knows i might have an unknown family member wh... More »
Susan - Hi Aimee. Nobody, past or present, as far as any one knows had any of the autoimmune dis-eases I... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Hello Aimee. Yes my mother passed it on to me,her farewell gift i expect :), I dont know her side... More »
Bev - Such good news Steve
Rita - That’s great Steve. I’m doing pretty well too, a combination of sun and salt water vacation, and ... More »
Rosey - Yayyy, my toenails are white, thick and brittle all at once, but that's OK, they are only toes, h... More »
Rosey - Yeah sometimes you have to do what's needed, means medical road unfortunately, but do try no dair... More »
G - Thank you all, and im diabetic in addition i have lactose intolerance....im already dairy free so... More »
roseanna - Enrol was amazing for me for the most part
James - You choose, just read posts and replies. We all have psoriasis to some degree and some also have ... More »
G - Welcome to the family roseanna 🥰
Rosey - You will find many people here to help, also many valuable tips, Welcome.
James - I agree, and supportive family.
James - Hi Lilly, welcome. I can’t say I’ve heard of this one but maybe one of the others. One thing I do... More »
G - Hey lilly, Welcome to the family. Just as what james said probably the name is different depend... More »
James - I used to travel to the US a lot and although I had no problems going to there, coming back alwa... More »
Rosey - Wow, times go fast! Hope you had a fantastic time Michelle and you get over the jetlag soon. So ... More »
Dan - I tried medicines, it's a temporary relief and might not even do that. Natural treatment with ... More »
James - Applying something like almond oil, as hot as you can take it without burning yourself, wash it o... More »
Dan - Try a 90 day diet where you fully focus on cutting out processed food, dairy, red meat, and sugar... More »
Rosey - Still working it out as we do, this week OK so far, in denial of treatment atm lol but accept it ... More »
roseanna - I Always think about ppl across seas. If they can go thru all that training and sacral ice and ge... More »
Michelle - True Roseanna and welcome to Flaym. Be proud of what you have accomplished as only you can make t... More »
James - I’ve been vegan for a bit now but not noticing it affecting my P.
James - I could say wear it like a badge and have a big fuck you ready for anyone negative, but it took m... More »
Rosey - James 😯was that a typo? Mind you no idea what a big f#%k would be like now haha
James - No typo, I meant it. I have little patience with ignorant people.
Lou - Stress sure does!
john,Chewweeeeee - Hi John and welcome to Flaym :)
James - It entirely depends on the individual. Some find improvement cutting out dairy, some cutting out ... More »
roseanna - I'm Strickland on chicken fish raspberries salads and oatmeal. Including vitamin d and super b co... More »
Lesley - Yes I have x
G - i used it as he said i was happy with the result visited him agin and he told me to stop it and g... More »
G - As a result my Pso increased, the derma told me if my Pso turns red in colour again i should appl... More »
James - I tried one of those apps but now I use my phone on a selfie stick while casting the video to my ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes , True Bev as its up north from where i am, its in line with liverpool and its cold up there... More »
Ellen - Hi Mich... no I haven't tried it as yet ...don't even know if that product is in SA yet ........
buenaven - So nice to know you are doing well.
john,Chewweeeeee - No i cant say it made a big difference for me but i am a bit put off with dairy to be honest as ... More »
Lindsay - I’ve tried dairy free before don’t think it made any difference.....I have only seen my skin impr... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thats true Lindsay,A lot of people see a big difference with weight loss,Psoriasis loves the skin... More »
Rosey - Hang in there IDA, hope a new Dr can help you, try and keep it together as hard as it is.
IDA - Thanks, James and Rosey have not been able to sleep waiting for the Dr's office to call. I have ... More »
Rudee - I want to met some friend in Thailand. Who want to travel in Thailand ??
Jim - Diets work for some people. Im one who it doesnt work for. I AM allergic to nickel and too much f... More »
James - Have you tried cutting out the nightshade plants Lindsay, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are the ... More »
Jen - Acv, kefir and kombucha are all high histamine. If you read through and follow the advice given... More »

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