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Peter - Welcome and yes depending on how your P reacts to foods usually nightshade vegetables like white ... More »
James - You choose, just read posts and replies. We all have psoriasis to some degree and some also have ... More »
G - Welcome to the family roseanna 🥰
Rosey - You will find many people here to help, also many valuable tips, Welcome.
G - i used it as he said i was happy with the result visited him agin and he told me to stop it and g... More »
G - As a result my Pso increased, the derma told me if my Pso turns red in colour again i should appl... More »
James - I tried one of those apps but now I use my phone on a selfie stick while casting the video to my ... More »
G - No im the only one in my family who has it but god knows i might have an unknown family member wh... More »
Susan - Hi Aimee. Nobody, past or present, as far as any one knows had any of the autoimmune dis-eases I... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Hello Aimee. Yes my mother passed it on to me,her farewell gift i expect :), I dont know her side... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - No i cant say it made a big difference for me but i am a bit put off with dairy to be honest as ... More »
Lindsay - I’ve tried dairy free before don’t think it made any difference.....I have only seen my skin impr... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thats true Lindsay,A lot of people see a big difference with weight loss,Psoriasis loves the skin... More »
Rosey - Still working it out as we do, this week OK so far, in denial of treatment atm lol but accept it ... More »
roseanna - I Always think about ppl across seas. If they can go thru all that training and sacral ice and ge... More »
Michelle - True Roseanna and welcome to Flaym. Be proud of what you have accomplished as only you can make t... More »
James - My doctor had no idea what it was when I first got it, on just my scalp initially. When I was in ... More »
Michelle - Hi G and welcome to Flaym. Yes we have wonderful Flaymers on this site who can give you great adv... More »
G - Thank you so much, im looking forward to learn from all of you im still new to this and trying my... More »
Chris - Usually a cotton bud with whichever creme you are using is what I've done
Sid - as a certain little blue fish says...'Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'....'
Linda - Sounds good Rosy!
Rosey - Still hasn't come back ,so not taking it ,reset body maybe, so good to be free of psorioas, still... More »
Martin - So far as I can tell I haven't had any issues in training. I've done a lot of grappling and it do... More »
Daniel - Hi Martin. I do jiu jitsu and at times I can be peeling all over the place on the gym matts
Martin - I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I work in a fabrication facility so I end up having a g... More »
Clint - Soak your feet in hydrogen peroxide to detox them it feels better afterwards.
Rosey - If u have time, think soak brain in something haha
Rosey - Argh we get by,
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Galaxy Quest is funny,Worth a watch Michelle :)
Michelle - I will thank you John. I knew you're going to say something about Star Trek lol
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Well, I thought i say something before i beamed out with a few flakes an all :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes i am well Thanks Michelle,Sorry about this ,I dont seem to have any arthritic symptoms, just ... More »
Michelle - haha Rosey, at least the car is clean yes. Hope you feel better soon :) John, you're lucky not t... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thank you Michelle, Yes i been lucky true, well as you know i been letting my hair down a lot , N... More »
James - Can’t say I’ve had that but P can definitely affect your eyes. It makes mine very light sensitive... More »
Mary - Thanks James . I am gutted that I now have to put up with this around my eyes
James - Just remember P is often not static and can spring up in one place, stay for a bit then disappear.
Bev - So sorry you are suffering so much Julie I do hope you get better soon.
Michelle - Sorry to hear Julie and I hope you get better soon. Eat as much anti-inflammatory food as you can... More »
Julie - Thank you. I am taking turmeric, cinnamon and ginger everyday. I do decaf teas and coffee, plus m... More »
Susan - James when I did it years ago I put a facecloth over my face tucked under the glasses or I would ... More »
James - I just slathered on some moisturiser straight after my next session and it worked fine. I already... More »
Bev - So happy to hear your skin is doing so well Julie
Jannie - Positive vibe from Julie .So liking that.😘
Julie - Thanks ladies. I try to keep up the positive. Best wishes to you.
Michelle - Hi Sarah. How did you find out it was Psoriasis?
Susan - Sarah, I'm not sure what tests they did. Yup... Most of us here have the stress trigger. You'll... More »
Alan - Sounds similar to me...
Bev - Sorry to hear that Rosey. I hope your test results are good and they don't have to draw more
Julie - I am sorry you have a tough time with your blood draws. That is what I do for a living and I feel... More »
Rosey - It's ok , always they have trouble drawing from me,I actually feel sorry for the pathologist s , 💉

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