Victor @victor

London, United Kingdom

Former sufferer of Psoriasis for over 25 years now clear thanks to biological treatment!


Barry - Great news Victor! Be nice to know which drug you were using. The side affects I have to be care... More »
Peter - Glad it worked for you victor.... I think I will be offered bio when I see the doctor as iv tried... More »
fern - That's great news Victor, there is still hope for us all yet lol
Victor - Susan - What I have noticed is that some of my joints are starting to feel a bit arthritic again ... More »
Susan - Oh dear Victor. I sure hope the arthritis doesn't come back. Might be time for more of the diet... More »
David - Good news Victor ... what is monthly costs of a biologic.. what drug?
Sarah - That is such a result. So amazed for you Victor! 💙
George - That's awesome Victor! I have my meeting with the dermatologist about biological treatment on the... More »
Victor - Being a certified doctor of natural medicine a certified nutritional specialist or a naturopathic... More »
Victor - Susan this is how quacks like Dr Axe sell their snake oil ! They mix common sense good balanced e... More »
Susan - Victor I'm with you on this. I also think we humans are an interesting lot... Our food guide ev... More »
Jayne - Good luck Victor x
Susan - Victor I think nothing will happen. You will be fine and you won't have any flares. Positivity ... More »
Melissa - I have Psoriasis with Psoriatic Arthritis & had rotator cuff surgery last year. I continued taki... More »
Susan - Oh dear Michael. I sure hope you stick with this site. We are here to help each other. Glad yo... More »
Michelle - Great to hear you are going to look into biologics Michael. Try and keep the feeling of getting b... More »
Bev - Wishing you all the best with trying biologics Michael. I hope it will help you like it has many ... More »
Janice - Great results for you Victor, feeling so pleased for you, long may it last!
Nan195 - I am happy for you Victor...keep healing 🌹❤️
Joan - That's really heartening, hope the healing keeps going. Finally I am going to see a dermatologist... More »
Marie - Hi Victor, I am very new to the forum and would like to ask a question. Is a biological treatmen... More »
Steve - Marie; Yes It is a prescription that only your Dr. can prescribe, I've been on them for 10+ yrs. ... More »
Victor - Spot on Steve
Ilene - So sorry to hear about Molly. Sounds like she was well loved and had a wonderful life
Freya - I’m so very sorry to hear about your sweet Mollie. I’ve dealt with the passing of two of my fur b... More »
Susan - Golly you would go to a witch doctor? LOL. Sounds like you are willing to do anything to get be... More »
Jayne - Victor am so pleased for you x
Laura - What is this you are talking about? Please
Michelle - Hi Helen. I do not take Biologics or tablets for my P as I don't really trust it lol but from wha... More »
Stephen - so pleased for you Victor doe's the heart good to hear a fellow sufferer get the better of this e... More »
Geraldine - Thats great Victor
Meme - That’s awesome victor what worked for you and how lond did it take for you to see results?
Victor - Seems like it has passed me by - before having the biologics I had an immune system of a butchers... More »
Victor - No point in me taking diet based stuff they all mess with my blood sugar levels x
Victor - Thohida I had Psoriasis in my finger nails and although they are still a little ridged they are i... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - thats great victor,you are a good influence obviously, thats great :)
Susan - Well Victor you are easy to follow and you have great things to share. Likeable guy for sure. :)
Nan195 - Go well Victor🌹
Jeri - Awesome you! I finished my loading dosage last month and took my first regular dosage (two inject... More »
Susanne - Great news for all of you getting relief from the ravages of Psoriasis!
Victor - Hope it works for you Jeri!
George - Hey Victor would really appreciate an email on how to go about this had it for over 11 years now ... More »
George - @karen122259 been drinking this for a while now. its got rid of some scalyness but its hasn't dis... More »
Karen - Hey Victor can you message me which one your doing? Jam doing a biologic as well my second actual... More »
Roxanne - Good for you Victor.
Susan - Victor can you please message me the name of the biologic. This fellow up the street has psorias... More »
Julie - Amazing result, so happy for you 😀
Nan195 - All the best Victor🌹
Susan - Lisa welcome to the site. Greatest family ever! You'll have fun, encourage, be encouraged, and ... More »
Susan - Victor with the positive results you are getting, what is going to be the way for you to celebrat... More »
Victor - Just taken dose three (dose four if you included loading dose)!
Victor - Few days on and the patches on my shins (these were the deepest) are nearly clear - life changing... More »
Sasha - Wow great results. I've been on mine going on 3 months now but it's no where near gone. I'm going... More »
Susan - Will21... Natural remedies for toning down the immune system in a good way... Sleep, diet, diet, ... More »
Nan195 - Thank you Susan ❤️🌹
Shawn - Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly! Sharing your experience is so valuable and ... More »
Michelle - Just wonderful Victor! I am so pleased to hear you are having such positive results! :D
Susan - Good to hear Victor.
Julie - Fabulous news Victor, long may it continue 😀
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