Carolyn Modesty

Carolyn Modesty @car1

Ottawa, IL, USA



Michelle - Hi Carolyn. My day is great thank you. Have P on my legs due to strep throat and Brongitis but I'... More »
Ellen - HI Carolyn..... that is true & I tend to pick at the scales on my scalp …. feels good but so wron... More »
Carolyn Modesty - That happens be comes back in
Julia - How much vit d do you take
Carolyn Modesty - Sun is. Good for mine and I use ivory soap
James - I've just been told I'll need to take a B12 supplement as it's the only vitamin I can't get on a ... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Car! TGel extra strength works amazingly well for me and my scalp. I hope you ar... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Car! Scalp p sure can be stubborn and longstanding. In my case 21 years! First ... More »
Carolyn Modesty - Use ono the one for psoriasis tar one it clears it up use only that one!
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